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Each A4 print is ready in around 15 minutes and costs only £6.00.The range will be increased as demand grows for this service.This summer was unseasonably dry, sunny and warm with temperatures in the 60’s This is in contrast to last summer, when heavy rain and high winds often precluded field work.Reconnaissance ground penetrating radar (GPR) profiles were collected using a low frequency (100 MHz) device.

An understanding of past events, such as the Broo disaster, will provide important geologic and coastal management information about the causes of climate-related sand invasions on coastal systems.Excellent stratigraphic records were collected in the coastal dunes, and provided the basis for the 2012 field season by providing information used in selecting the locations for OSL Dating (Figure 2).Last year’s field work and GPR surveys also revealed significant dune morphology differences throughout the study site.Concerts are organised throughout the isles, consisting of some of the best International, British and Shetland music that the world has to offer.In fact, visiting artistes are regularly dumbfounded by the quantity and quality of local musicians that our remote isles have to offer.

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